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I came close to death a number of times and because of this it allowed me to open my spiritual window. I have a gift to communicate spiritually and emotionally, whether through my art or through spirit. I can feel other people’s emotions, hear and talk to those who have passed on. From living with my ability, I learned how to sage and maintain my positive energy.




Releases negative or bad energy clearing the air with the use of sage, purifying their surroundings.



  • Do I feel a weight on me?

  •  Am I feeling more tired even though I get a lot of sleep?

  •  Do I have trouble sleeping at night?

  •  Do you feel like you can’t get rid of your blues and blahs?

  •  Do you feel like you can’t relax in your own home?

  •  Feel like someone is creeping around when there is no one there?

  •  Is it really just your imagination?

  •  Are you having trouble letting go of pain from losing loved ones?

  •  Did someone hurt you emotionally and are you having trouble moving forward?

  •  Unexplained headaches, nightmares, stress or tension?


Answer: You have left over negative energy, spirit or even a ghost hanging around or attaching themselves to your positive energy.


  • Spirit needs a source of energy to thrive on or hang on to.

  • If you ever lost a loved one they will not hurt you! However with the other energies around they may not be able to come through so easily. They also may try to send messages that you may need or want to know to help you through life.




It is always good to sage when you feel like you or your home needs it but these are the times that it’s crucial.


  • Moving to a new home, whether it is rented or owned previously, sage before you move everything in! Any negative energy leftover from previous owners or depending how long it’s been there can accumulate. You don’t keep mold in the house so why hold onto energy they may cause you harm. Especially when you want to make a fresh start in a new place.

  • When you begin a new job or start your own business. You want to start off on a good foot!

  • Before and after a guest enters the home. (Depending on the person and if their carrying emotional baggage.)

  • After any illness.

  • Before and after meditation, yoga or healing sessions.

  • When you just feel the need to de-stress.


We are unconsciously absorbing toxic energy and taking it as our own. It can be something we let into our homes or pick up from crowded places or stressful environments.Whether it is someone or something having to do with; family, work, boyfriend/girlfriend, health reasons, school etc. We all need a place we can just feel relaxed!

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